Democratized AI

Bixby is an open artificial intelligence platform that provides all developers the same powerful set of tools and AI features that Samsung’s own Bixby developers use.

Unprecedented Reach

Bixby is accessible on millions of Samsung mobile devices today, and soon will be available across the Samsung device ecosystem, from televisions and home appliances to speakers and wearables, and beyond.

Powerful Personalization

Using a powerful set of personalization features, Bixby learns user preferences and patterns over time, accelerating decisions and making Bixby the fastest way to get things done.

How does Bixby work?

Bixby is powered by an open AI platform that enables developers to leverage their existing APIs and services to build rich conversational experiences.

Dynamic Program Generation

Bixby Capsules

Natural Language Understanding

A new way of building software

All of the Bixby tools and workflows you need are in one place, making it easier to build, test, and publish to the Bixby Marketplace (coming in 2019). The best part: you can integrate your existing service without needing to be an expert in AI.

One tool for end-to-end development

With powerful AI at its core, the Bixby Developer Studio was purposefully built for creating rich conversational experiences. Use the Bixby Developer Studio to build Capsules end-to-end, from definition and development to testing and submission.

Support at every step of the process

On the Bixby Developer Center, we’ve provided a set of sample Capsules and extensive documentation to support development. You can also manage access rights for the teams collaborating on your Bixby Capsules and publish those Capsules for discovery when the Bixby Marketplace opens.

Start building today

Visit the Developer Center to get started.

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