Partner Profile: Fintel Labs

Krish Gopalan – CTO, Fintel Labs
Fintel Labs created an AI-powered micro-services platform for the financial services industry and were invited to use Bixby to bring personalized financial insights and recommendations to their consumers using natural language. See what they have to say.

One of the most exciting developers working with Bixby right now is Fintel Labs, who are developing Eva Money, a Capsule for the financial service industry. They came up with a brilliant idea to work with Bixby Developer Studio to innovate banking and financial health tools, empowering customers and individuals in their financial decisions.

We were curious to learn what standout features made Fintel Labs choose Bixby and why the hottest developers are gravitating to Bixby’s one-of-a-kind toolset.

Q. Tell us the story of your start-up and what your vision was?

We are an AI startup company that built Fintel Cloud, an AI-powered MicroServices platform for the Financial Service Industry. From Fintel Cloud, we created Eva Money, a financial wellness app to help consumers understand and manage their finances better.

Our company was founded to empower banking customers across the globe with AI-driven tools to help them make the right financial decisions. We believe AI voice is going to become the primary interface for most consumers in the future. This is going to make engagement easier and faster. AI is also going to automate the manual work for banks and financial institutions which will free up employees to be more productive.

Q. What do you like about developing for Bixby?

We love Bixby because it’s sophisticated and extensible, and helps us collaborate better. Bixby’s developer tools are clean, intuitive and easy to understand. The internal and external endpoints are great for faster development cycles. The developer tools have a comprehensive set of predefined UI layouts that can be used out of the box, which saved us a lot of time. Training Bixby to use specific NL models from our finance wellness use case is a breeze! It means we can combine the power of Bixby’s framework and Fintel’s services to create a great user experience.

Q. How is your collaboration with Samsung?

It’s been a dream working with the Samsung Bixby team. They held frequent webinars that really helped us get running and they quickly provide use with support when we need it. They have a lot of sample resources that developers can easily use to get started. Bixby documentation which is amazing. It is very clear and concise - this really helped us get a faster development cycle. This will truly help developers like us create high quality user experiences.

Q. What would you like to share with other developers who are considering developing for Bixby?

If you’re thinking about developing for Bixby, you should check the latest Bixby Developer Studio. It’s a very powerful tool for creating amazing AI interactions. The Bixby framework enables fast development cycles and the best part is you don’t need an AI or NLP expert. You can develop a lot of cool stuff with just some basic AI knowledge and Javascript. That’s really impressive. You get a great developer toolset, good technical resources, and a strong team willing to support you and help you create great solutions.

What can we say? Bixby is awesome. If you’re thinking about developing for the platform, go for it! With an easy to use, yet POWERFUL set of dev tools and guides, an amazing support team, and an active user forum… you can start building your Capsule for millions of active users today.


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