Bixby 101: How to make AI magic

Roger Kibbe, Bixby Developer Evangelist
Bixby is a new paradigm and a platform to advance the state of conversational AI and voice. It’s time to jump on the Bixby train and be ready for the 500 million Bixby enabled Samsung devices that will ship yearly. NOW is the time to get first mover advantage by building for Bixby!

Getting Started

To get you started, we created this tutorial video: Bixby 101 - Introduction to Bixby
In this tutorial, we:

  • Show you where to get started with tools and sample code for Bixby development
  • Review the basic components of a Bixby Capsule (voice application)
  • Show how they work together
  • Build out a simple Bixby Capsule.

Bixby Developers Homepage
Bixby Developers Github
Sample Code for the Capsule in the Video


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