Partner Profile: FirstAgenda

Peter Willemoes Kondrup, Kasper Lyhr – FirstAgenda
FirstAgenda is using cognitive technology, including Bixby, to tackle the age-old issue of how to capture and distribute meeting notes. Learn more about our collaboration with them here.

FirstAgenda is creating what we all like to imagine what an AI digital executive assistant on a Samsung device is like: a seamless Bixby Capsule that transcribes your meetings, takes minutes for you, keeps your schedule and reminds you of your meetings and Capsule appointments. And when you ask it for reminders, it will tell you without missing a beat.

This is next level wonderment for streamlining your schedule. With the FirstAgenda Capsule, you no longer have to worry about rescheduling, no matter how many parties are involved. It’ll make corrections or changes in real time once it becomes aware of them. The Capsule records everything and organizes meeting minutes for you so you save a lot of time from not having to write anything – it’s already been done for you.

These are inspirational guys, and we’re stoked we’ve had the chance to talk with them for this blog.

Q. Tell us the story of your company and what your vision is.

FirstAgenda is a SaaS-company that makes meeting software. Our mission is to fight unproductive meetings with cutting-edge software – and we’ve been doing this since 2015. We operate out of Boston, Aarhus (Denmark) and Berlin (Germany), and have supported more than 200,000 meetings, with more than 50,000 users from both public and private sectors worldwide. Our meeting Capsule, by FirstAgenda, is an automatic and digital alternative to manually written meeting minutes. We use AI, machine learning, and speech recognition to optimize the process of writing meeting minutes.

Q. What do you like about developing for Bixby?

There are several things about the Bixby Developer Studio that have made the developer experience great. When running your capsule, the debug console will show you an execution graph of the dynamic program where every step of the execution can be inspected with inputs, outputs, network traffic and more. This helps us with understanding the program and general debugging.

Another great feature is the natural language training. We really appreciated the UI here – it’s especially intuitive at adding new utterances and annotates them with goals, types, and values. As your word training collection grows, Bixby will also suggest how to annotate a new utterance based on previous trainings. Additionally, the execution graph, with training, enables you to immediately verify the generated plan without having to execute it. We have not seen this level of intuitiveness in other platforms when it comes to understanding the generated program and creating natural language utterances.

Q. Is it important to have access to the same development toolkit as internal Samsung teams?

Most definitely. The fact that there is no difference between the toolkit internally for Samsung and for us as third-party developers ensures that the platform evolves more rapidly – and Samsung can respond to user feedback on a deeper level since they understand our developers’ challenges and requirements.

Q. How was your collaboration with Samsung?

Working with Samsung has been a really positive experience. The team at Samsung was always available and they had a great understanding of our challenges and desires. They were earnestly eager to listen to our experience and ideas on how to improve the Bixby developer tools and platform in general. This partnership was motivating to us when developing for Bixby.

Q. What would you like to share with other developers who are considering developing for Bixby?

Developing for Bixby can be a primary driver in the composition of a profound voice and bot strategy for your service. Our advice: think about the features you would develop for Bixby on a broader scale. Consider how you can build a generic cloud-based service on top of your product that can tap into the rapidly growing technologies such as AI, ML, speech recognition, and bot frameworks provided by companies like Samsung. Asking yourself this question will really pave the way for users to interact with your service in completely new ways – and on platforms that swing away from the traditional.

When we came out of this interview, we wished we had the FirstAgenda Capsule to transcribe it for us. It would have made us feel like hardcore executives. Get started on some #BossLevel stuff today, anyone can
build a Bixby Capsule.


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