Bixby Developer Studio version 6.7 and SDK Update Released

Hello there!

We have two new releases and updates for the Bixby Developer community.

Bixby Developer Studio version 6.7

Bixby Developer Studio version 6.7 was just released and is available for update. Please select the “Check for updates” menu item to update to the latest version.

In this release, in addition to various bug fixes, we’ve introduced the following features:

  • Submission Description Search: You can search through previous submissions easily.
  • Relaxation Support and Improved Dialog: The Simulator now shows when relaxation occurs. Dialog display has also been improved.

For more details, read the 6.7 Bixby Developer Studio Release Notes.

Bixby Capsule SDK Released

We just updated the Bixby Capsule SDK. Aside from bug fixes, here’s a summary of what’s new:

  • New Config & Secrets Tab: Store secrets as well as configuration properties that need to be updated in real time.
  • Sort Signals Deprecated: You should instead apply sorting to your actions and use sort-orderings within structure concepts.
  • Pattern Support for text-input Components: Bixby Views now supports specific patterns within text-input.
  • Support for for-each conditionals within vbox: The vbox key now supports for-each conditionals.
  • New grow key within vbox: You can now control the width of vbox columns using the grow key.

For more details, please read the latest release notes.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!

The Bixby Team

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