The Navy Shipyard – Brooklyn, NYC

It was standing room only in Brooklyn this weekend. We even had to get more tables and chairs to accommodate the lively crowd who attended! We had an awesome time showcasing Bixby to the New York devs who came to the RLab in the famous Navy Shipyard.

The day began with another awesome catered breakfast and the overflow of developers got to know one another and team Bixby. Adam Cheyer once again gave the crowd a special treat with his unique blend of magic and storytelling.

His goal was to teach his best lessons for how to build successful startups and businesses, with each point being based on one of his companies (e.g. Siri, sold to Apple to build their voice assistant;, the world’s largest petition platform; Viv Labs, sold to Samsung to build Bixby), and each illustrated by a “magical exercise” that let participants try to put the lesson into practice. Chief Evangelist John Alioto then began the workshop on how to build with Bixby, beginning to marketplace.

The afternoon was spent learning all about Bixby with hands-on coding to create brilliant capsules. This was a great time for devs to get one-on-one instruction from members of the Bixby team, and for the team to get down in the front lines and see how all their hard work is being received and implemented. By the end of the session there were numerous devs who showcased their capsules. All who attended, including the Bixby team learned a great deal.

Happy hour was a time to relax, wind down and get to know each other even more. Everyone was excited for raffle time and all walked away with exclusive Bixby promotional items. One of New York City’s top mentalists, Ken Weber, performed and wowed the crowd with his uncanny ability to read thoughts and predict the future.

Attendee quotes: What did you like about the event?

“We were curious how long it would take to port our top performing Alexa Skill to Bixby, and we were able to do that in the first half an hour of the coding session! We then went on to build two more Bixby capsules that afternoon…” — Will Mayo, CEO SpokenLayer

“I was able to build an end-to-end prototype of a capsule that called our backend commerce API using authentication through OAuth, and featuring a natural language interface, dialog text, and screen layouts for a mobile interface.” — Guy Tonye, Software Developer, Canada

“ This was literally the best meetup I’ve been to this summer in terms of overall execution, preparation, and friendliness. The developer studio was easy to use with clean documentation. I really liked the magic tricks and the overall push towards developers.” — Jonathan Wong, Voice Developer, NYC

“ Thank you for having this developer session, it was so much fun. My group really enjoyed it, they were so excited and had so many positive things to say about the event afterwards. Meeting all of the developers, learning about the new platform, having the Samsung team available for any questions - it’s like a developer’s dream come true!” — Anna Medyukh, Full Stack Software Engineer

Key takeaways:

  • Get intimate advice about building your startup from AI legend, Adam Cheyer
  • Bixby Studio will delight devs, come get hands on training to get early access to our new Marketplace
  • Interact face-to-face with Bixby’s best developers and find solutions to any issues you might have
  • Great food & drinks and network with the Bixby team
  • Exclusive Samsung Bixby swag & win Samsung products
  • Still time to register for LA or NYC!

These sessions have proved to be immensely valuable to us on the Bixby team and we hope to all of our devs who attended gained valuable insight into Bixby as a whole.

Thank you all!
The Bixby team


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