At Pioneers ’19 in Vienna, Austria, the Bixby team was thrilled to introduce Bixby Developer Studio, an integrated development environment for creating Bixby Capsules, to an excited group of European startups and developers, all looking to integrate Voice AI into their products!

As an introduction to the sessions, Samsung VP Adam Cheyer (cofounder of Siri and New Bixby) presented keynote “Developing for Bixby, the Next Evolution of AI Assistants”. You can read Adam’s predictions on the Bixby Developer Newsroom.

The introduction included a Capsule development walkthrough and touched on additional challenges developers can face while getting familiar with Bixby Developer Studio and the Bixby SDK.

The challenge: improving the ‘Startup Search’

To start, we challenged the group to begin with Bixby Developer Studio’s most basic features and improve the “Startup Search” capsule that had been created specifically for the Pioneers ’19 event. The “Startup Search” capsule lets end-users search through a database of registered startups and learn more about them – a fitting capsule for an event attended by young, hustling companies!

From there, we asked participants to create training examples for a basic natural language understanding. This allowed the developers to quickly teach Bixby the existing database of registered startups. For more information on how this works, check out our training & vocabulary developer guide.

We also challenged attendees to push Bixby’s SDK and create engaging interfaces that blend voice and multimodal user interfaces (also known as “Bixby Views”), while improving how Bixby responds to an end user. If you’re curious to learn a bit more about language-driven UI, check out our documentation around Building Views (UI) and Enhancing User Experience.

Philipp Csernalabics, co-founder and CXO of Neohelden Raffle winner, Philipp Csernalabics, co-founder and CXO of Neohelden

Words from the winner

It was fantastic to get positive feedback about Bixby Studio and the SDK directly from the developers. The winner of our challenge, co-founder and CXO of Neohelden Philipp Csernalabics , told us that,

“With the help of Bixby Developer Studio and the hands-on session at Pioneers ‘19, developing my first Capsule for Bixby was a breeze! I’m really impressed by the thoughtful design of the IDE, which assists the developing process throughout all stages – from first prototypes and initial testing to tweaking and improving the language model.”

“Everyone at my company is really excited about Bixby Developer Studio! Thanks to the Samsung team for putting the workshop together; and especially to Adam Cheyer and Jakub Pawełczak – who drew my name in a raffle for brand new Samsung Galaxy Buds!”

Try it for yourself

Interested in building your own capsule? Start by watching our latest video series starting with, Bixby 101, Introduction to Bixby.

Want to challenge yourself in the same way that the developers at Pioneer ‘19 did? We have them posted over in Jakob’s Github below.

Challenge 1: Download and Launch “Dice” Capsule:

Challenges 2-4: Improve “Search Startup” Capsule


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