Honey, the baby's crying, do you think he's hungry?

Maybe, when did you last feed him?

I don't know. Didn't you write it down or save it in that app?

I thought you did, I was holding the baby!

I meant to, but I got distracted. So should we feed him?

In a perfect world, you can care for your newborn baby and keep track of everything. A baby's first year of life is an exciting and often stressful time. Whether you are a new parent or on your third child, you have to immerse yourself in all the wonders of the baby stage. While the development of each baby varies, there's always a guide or tool designed to help you.

One of those helpful tools is the Bixby Baby Stats capsule. Its creator, Cory Wixom, is a software engineer with 15 years of experience ranging from e-commerce to supply chain to machine learning, and now a Bixby Premier Developer. The purpose of Baby Stats is to provide parents with the most streamlined process to collect their baby’s data.

Meet Cory Wixsom, originator of Baby Stats, and his son Vaughn.

Where did Baby Stats originate?

Cory created Baby Stats after he and his wife had children. He soon realized how challenging it was caring for a newborn. At every appointment, the doctors asked Cory and his wife to monitor stats for their baby. They kept track of everything from diapers, feedings, weight, and more to see if there were any complications.

“Having kids influenced how I developed and changed Baby Stats.”

Frustrated with trying to track these counts using pencil and paper, Cory decided to create a capsule to keep stats of their newborn's naps, feeding schedule, and diaper contents. With Baby Stats, parents can also monitor breastfeeding, sleeping, and kick counts: all the things parents of newborns are focused on daily.

Mobile apps are inherently flawed as they require parents to use their hands and focus. Baby Stats is the first voice initiated hands-free tracker for parents so they no longer have to shift their attention away from the baby.

The Baby Stats capsule can easily save stats and provide a daily summary. Simply say:

  • Hi Bixby, ask Baby Stats to add poop and pee
  • Hi Bixby, ask Baby Stats to add feeding 5 ounces
  • Hi Bixby, ask Baby Stats what time was the last feeding

Once you've tracked stats, you can ask questions about your child such as what time was the last wet diaper. Cory's goal is to make it as easy as possible for parents. Choosing voice integration definitely helps with making it easier for them!

Cory believes it is important for other developers to join the Bixby Marketplace to increase exposure for their brand and expand their user base on Samsung's platform.

“Being a Bixby Premier Developer has many advantages. The key advantage is having access to Samsung's millions of devices and attracting more users to your brand.”

Voice is becoming the future and is already integrated in many technologies, such as televisions and refrigerators. The number of devices supporting voice assistants will only continue to grow. Future generations will likely find it hard to comprehend a world where others didn't speak to things.

The value of creating a voice experience

Some experts estimate that 50% of all searches will be voice-powered by 2020, according to Forbes. Businesses are discovering ways to engage with customers through voice, with an increasing emphasis on voice applications. In the coming years, speech interactions will become an essential metric for monitoring how to deliver the best possible user experience. Smartphones’ and speakers' rapid adoption welcome new users into the voice-enabled Internet of Things community. Businesses will have to keep up as customers move to voice-first channels.

Why the shift towards voice?

Customer needs are the primary driver of the change to speech user interfaces. We live in an ever-evolving digital globe that continually optimizes pace, effectiveness, and comfort.

It may be challenging for brands, businesses, and developers to think about how to approach or adopt voice. Not everyone has accepted voice technology, but acceptance is increasing as voice-powered devices become affordable. As a developer, that ought to be music to your ears.

Voice assistants are always improving and learning. Cory believes that ultimately, voice assistants will be so smart that it'll automatically tell you to feed your baby based on prior feedings. The assistant gets to know your baby's schedule and propose feeding times as they come up.

Next, Cory wants to add predictive stat tracking. This will be based on a parent's previous tracking behavior. The system predicts and notifies them when it expects the next stat to occur, and learn from what they have done previously. As voice is a natural way of interacting with software, Cory's ultimate vision is to have a line of smart home enabled stat tracking products. The goal is for parents to let the Baby Stats platform track information automatically. Examples include diaper pails that automatically sync information for parents, bottles that automatically track ounces, changing pads that sync weight information, socks that register blood pressure, or maybe even a smart diaper.

Cory wants developers to know the Bixby Premier Developer Program is an available resource to build their brand and optimize visibility on the Bixby Marketplace. Developers should use social trends to discover opportunities to create business voice experiences to promote new ideas, products, and ways of thinking. The more a business knows about the social trends that influence culture and lifestyles, the more developers can focus and adapt their voice experiences to a changing landscape. Social trends will impact future customers, so join the push to create voice experiences that reflect personal lifestyles. Cory discovered his brand idea and identity through his kids and took his idea to the next level using voice. Just like Cory, other developers can take their existing brand or ideas to the next level with voice too!

"Your identity makes you unique, what separates you from any other is your brand identity."

The transition for customers to adopt a new 'norm' has arrived, just as texts became the new email and social media became the new word-of-mouth. Voice has now become the ultimate portable experience, and voice search is the next new "norm." There are plenty of changes on the horizon, and voice will transform the relationship between consumer and brand.

Key Takeaway

Are you a developer with unique voice assistant ideas that wants to know how to elevate them? Prepare your brand for the next new “norm.”

Baby Stats is a very useful tool to help parents with their newborns. Check it out in the Bixby Marketplace today.

Reach out to the Bixby team to learn more about the Bixby Premier Developer Program and how to get your next great idea in the Bixby Marketplace.


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