Bixby Capsule Approval Process: Part 1

How to get your capsule into the Bixby Marketplace

Deployment Checklist:

You’ve made an awesome capsule for the Bixby Marketplace and you’re ready to submit it. Just like anything else, Bixby has its own capsule approval criteria. Below is a summary of the first video in a series on how to get your capsule into the Bixby Marketplace.

Register your capsule

The first step in submitting a capsule is to register it in the Bixby Developer Center. Registering a capsule in the Developer Center will allow you to make public or private submissions from the Bixby Developer Studio (Bixby Studio). In order to register your capsule, you need to first create a namespace. A namespace is a logical grouping of capsules that you have created. Namespaces can be your company name, your personal name, or any unique identifier. Using a reserved namespace such as “test”, “example” or “playground” will prevent you from submitting your capsule.

If you don’t have a namespace yet, do the following:

  1. Make sure your Bixby Studio and are logged into the same account.

  2. On, Click “Teams & Capsules”, then Click “Create a New Team”

  3. Fill out this form and submit it. Your namespace is not public. It is used for you to keep track of your teams.

  4. Click on register capsule and choose a capsule suffix. Your capsule suffix isn’t public.

  5. Put your namespace.capsule_name in the id key of your capsule.bxb file.

Submission Checklist

Go through all the items under the “Required” section of the Submission Checklist and be sure you have addressed each requirement.

To summarize the required items in the checklist:

capsule.bxb file:

  • Version: Add a version number and/or increment it up
  • Store-sections: Add a store section. Must have 1 to 2 store-sections. To be safe, just use 1 store-section that your capsule best fits into.

capsule-info.bxb file:

  • Display-name: Must be defined
  • Developer-name: Must be defined
  • Icon-asset: Must be defined
  • Description: Must be defined
  • Dispatch-name: Must be defined
  • Dispatch-name: Must be 2 words or more or a compound word
  • Dispatch-name: Can't be too generic
  • “Cool Game” is too generic
  • Dispatch-name: Must be unique
  • Check the Bixby Marketplace if you’re unsure. If you don’t have access to the Marketplace, you’ll just have to hope your dispatch name isn’t taken.
  • Dispatch-name: Must be nearly identical to display-name


Once you’ve checked each of these items in their respective files, you’ve met the basic requirements to submit your capsule.

Submit Your Capsule

  1. In Bixby Studio, you can click on Submissions near the bottom left of the editor window, or press Cmd+8 on Mac or Ctrl+8 on Windows.

  2. Click “Create New Submission” in the top right.

  3. Make a Public Submission

    a. Click on the capsule you want to submit
    b. Add a description as a note to yourself
    c. Click “Submit Capsule”


    a. Click on your capsule
    b. Refresh the page
    c. Click Submit for Review
    d. Fill out the form and submit it!

There you go! Your capsule will be reviewed by one of the capsule review team members, and it’ll either be rejected or approved. If it is rejected, you will receive a list of “must fix” items in order to gain approval. In either case, you might get helpful feedback and suggestions from our developers and designers that you can take into account for your next version.

The next 3 videos in the series cover common rejections. They’re most likely very applicable to your first capsule, so I highly recommend you watch the rest of the series.

Video tutorial

Bixby Capsule Approval Process: Part 1 - How to get your Bixby Capsule into the Marketplace


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