Bixby Capsule Approval Process: Part 2

Frequent Rejections: Dispatch Names and Dispatch Aliases

Deployment Checklist:

Let’s get into some common reasons why capsules get rejected after they’ve been submitted! This blogpost is a written version of the video above.

Dispatch Name

The dispatch-name is found in capsule-info.bxb and is required for you to submit your capsule. It is used by the end user to dispatch your capsule in order to start it.

For example, the user will say:
“Ask the Unofficial Pokedex to show me a Pikachu

In this case, it is asking the capsule with the dispatch-name, “The Unofficial Pokedex” to do something, in this case to “show me a Pikachu.”

The requirements for Dispatch Names are summarized in the Submission Checklist. However, here I will provide some examples and elaborate on the items in that checklist.

Dispatch Name - Rules

  • dispatch-name: is required
  • dispatch-name should match your display-name (which is also required).
  • dispatch-name should work with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)!
  • Open the Simulator in Bixby Studio by pressing Cmd+7 (on Mac) or Ctrl+7 (on Windows). Test your dispatch-name in the Simulator by clicking and holding the microphone icon in the Simulator, and then speaking your dispatch-name into your computer’s microphone.
  • If you absolutely need a custom dispatch-name that doesn’t work well with ASR, you can file a ticket here. Keep in mind that we might not approve your ticket. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for an ASR dispatch-name to be approved. As such, we recommend choosing a dispatch-name that just works with Bixby’s ASR.
  • dispatch-name can’t be too generic.
  • dispatch-name must be at least 2 words or a not-too-generic compound word.
  • Articles (the, a, an, etc) do not count towards this 2 word count.
  • dispatch-name must be unique. No other capsule can have your dispatch-name.
  • You can try to check on the Bixby Marketplace.
  • dispatch-name can’t violate copyright laws.
  • Do not include “Bixby” in the dispatch-name.
  • Do not include tech related companies like “Google”, “Apple”, “Amazon”, “Siri”, etc in the name.
  • Do not make a capsule with the dispatch-name called “DareDevil” and have it be about the Marvel super hero.

Here are some examples from the video:

Dispatch Aliases

Lots of capsules fail because of the dispatch aliases. Keep in mind that Dispatch Aliases are OPTIONAL. They are used for simple, but nearly equivalent variations of your dispatch-name.

Dispatch Aliases - Rules

  • Dispatch aliases are OPTIONAL.
  • dispatch-aliases follow all the rules of dispatch names above, except for the “must be unique” rule.
  • Do not use dispatch-aliases for synonyms.
  • This is the main reason why dispatch-aliases fail. Replacing a word with the word’s synonym is an automatic fail.
  • Do not use to address ASR issues.
  • Your dispatch-names and dispatch-alises should be ASR friendly.
  • You can use dispatch-aliases to split compound words or to combine them.
  • You can use dispatch-aliases to add the word “the” to the beginning of your dispatch name.

Here are the examples for dispatch-aliases from the video:


In conclusion, come up with a dispatch-name that works with ASR and is at least 2 words or a compound word that is unique.

Avoid using dispatch-aliases, unless people commonly refer to your capsule without the word “the” in front of it or your dispatch-alias is a compound word. Be sure to check out the rest of the series covering frequent rejections.

Video tutorial

Bixby Capsule Approval Process: Part 2 - Frequent Rejections - Dispatch Names and Dispatch Aliases


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