Congratulations to all those that participated in our 2019 Bixby DevJam: Developer Showcase!

Three months ago we announced our Bixby DevJam Developer Showcase to bring together creators from around the world to build new Voice AI experiences. Our online event awarded over $125,000 in cash valued prizes. Many of the finalists were Bixby Premier Developers, stay tuned as we have future announcements about our program.

Developers were challenged to design, build, and publish a working capsule within seven weeks and evaluated based on the following criteria:

Technical Innovation

How technically advanced is your Capsule?


Is your capsule radically new or a creative breakthrough within Voice AI?


Does your capsule work consistently? Does your capsule present well?


Does your capsule have a great user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)? How well designed is your capsule?

Developers were given access to Bixby Studio, our toolkit to build awesome capsules (voice apps). Their capsules delighted us and we learned from the development community on how to improve our platform as well.

It was extremely difficult to judge the capsules, since many of the developers put their heart and soul into their product, and competition was fierce. There were multiple ways to win in the Bixby DevJam:

  • First 250 Capsules approved got $300 in US Samsung Store Credit
  • Weekly raffles for all approved capsules
  • Grand Prize Winner, and multiple runner ups, and store section leaders
  • The grand prize DevJam winner has the opportunity to receive mentorship from AI Voice pioneer Adam Cheyer


Category Amount Capsule
Grand Prize $10,000 Tempest Rising
Finalist $5,000 Farm Tycoon
Finalist $5,000 Stream Player
Runner-Up $1,000 Stream Picker
Runner-Up $1,000 Podcast Finder
Runner-Up $1,000 Tweet View
Runner-Up $1,000 Start Stretching
Runner-Up $1,000 Color Picker

Store Section Winners

Store Section Capsule
Arts and Lifestyle Lincoln's Life Hack of the Day
Business and Finance Currency Exchanger
Communication Drop Note
Education and Reference Word Scrambler
Food and Drink Cocktail Maker
Games and Fun Ahex Tic Tac Toe
Health and Fitness My Yoga
Local Serve More
Movies and TV Cinema Search
Music and Audio Perfect Pitch
News and Magazines Mass Shooting Tracker
Photography Daily Space Picture
Productivity Voice One
Shopping Home Shopping Expert
Smart Home Home Control
Social Unofficial Hacker News Headlines
Sports Monster Cards
Travel and Transportation Spanish Travel Phrases
Utilities You Translate
Weather Air Monitor

Congrats to all who participated!

Thank you again for all of your hard work. We know many of you put a lot of time and effort in the development process. We will be scheduling a webinar in the coming weeks to get your feedback so we can host another DevJam soon.

Happy holidays from the Bixby Team.


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