During the second week of January 2020, the who’s who in voice will descend on Chattanooga, Tennessee to exchange ideas and strategies at Project Voice (January 13-17). Bixby will be there from Monday's opening workshops to the closing address—we'll be especially hard to miss on Thursday, when our own Adam Cheyer delivers the keynote to kick off the day full of activities.

Project Voice is a can't-miss conference no matter where you engage with Bixby, whether you're merely curious about voice AI, or an advanced developer working on a new capsule:

  • Existing Bixby developers will be fascinated by in-depth case study conversations with Premier Developers and breakout sessions with tips and tricks for everything from optimizing your Marketplace presence to building for other Samsung devices.
  • Prospective Bixby developers will learn everything you need to start building a capsule at our Monday Bixby Developer Session, where lucky participants also have a chance to win a sleek new smart watch or two; Thursday's breakout sessions are filled with even more insights designed to put you on the path to success.
  • Podcasters and content providers are warmly invited to stop by our booth at the Voice World Fair, where we'll show you how to get your creative output into Bixby.
  • Everyone at the conference is encouraged to stop by our booth in any case; we'll be raffling off an Active2 smartwatch every day of the show.

Pack something nice for Wednesday's Project Voice Awards Gala, where Adam Cheyer will accept a Lifetime Achievement Award and the winners for Bixby Developer of the Year and Capsule of the Year will be announced.

Schedule of activities


Bixby Developer Session: How to develop a capsule (3 hours)

  • Giveaways include one Tablet and two Active2 watches


Project Voice Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Adam Cheyer
  • Bixby Developer of the Year, Capsule of the Year, and Samsung nominated for Smart Home developer
  • The Project Voice Awards Gala honors best-in-class achievement across voice tech and AI. Includes The Roast of Voicebot.AI's Bret Kinsella. Register here

Thursday January 16:

THE SAMSUNG BIXBY KEYNOTE: Building a Conversational Experience in Minutes with Samsung’s Bixby

Who: Adam Cheyer (Chief Technology Officer, Viv Labs, Samsung)

8:45 AM - 9:30 AM – Session #401, MAIN STAGE

For decades, the relationship between developer and computer was simple: the human told the machine what to do. Next came machine learning systems, where the machine was in charge of computing the functional logic behind developer-supplied examples, typically in a form that humans couldn't even understand. Now we are entering a new age of software development, where humans and machines work collaboratively together, each doing what they do best. The Developer describes the "what" -- objects, actions, goals -- and the machine produces the "how," writing the code that satisfies each user's request by interweaving developer-provided components. The result is a system that is easier to create and maintain, while providing an end-user experience that is more intelligent and adaptable to users’ individual needs. In this talk, we will show concrete examples of this software trend using a next-generation conversational assistant named Bixby. We’ll supply you with a freely downloadable development environment so that you can give this a try yourself; and we’ll teach you how to build a conversational experience in minutes, to start monetizing your content and services through a new channel that will be backed by more than a billion devices in just a few years.

PANEL: Bixby Strategic Partners

Moderator: Jennifer Arnold (Head of Partner Engineering, Viv Labs)

Panelists: Daniel McCoy (Senior Director, Business Partnerships, NPR) David Rosenbloom (Vice President, Business Development, RADIO.COM), Kevin Yu (CEO & Founder, SideChef), Will Mayo (Founder, SpokenLayer)

11:20 AM - 11:45 AM – Session #413, MAIN STAGE

Hear from industry leaders about their experiences developing for Bixby. Get their unique perspectives on how Bixby drove business growth through the platform’s strategic differentiations, rich feature set, and sophisticated development tools. Learn about their vision for the future of intelligent voice assistants.

Case Studies

Case Study: Audioburst and the Bixby Premier Developer Program

Rachel Batish (VP Product, Audioburst)

1:05 PM - 1:25 PM – Session #423

Case Study: Creating a Bixby Capsule - Live Demo

Alex Dunn (Director & Principal Architect, Voicify)

1:25 PM - 1:45 PM – Session #424

How do you go from Concept to Capsule in 20 minutes? With an integration? Alex Dunn will showcase just that, leveraging the Voicify Conversation Experience Platform.

Bixby Developer Sessions

Bixby 101: An Introduction to Bixby Development

John Alioto (Chief Evangelist, Viv Labs)

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM – Session #431

What does it take to get started with Bixby Development? What are the newest tools for Bixby? We will start with how to download and use Bixby Developer Studio, the full-featured development environment for building Bixby experiences. We’ll use the new innovative Bixby Templates to build a fully-functioning voice experience in minutes with no code! You’ll also learn the basics of coding together with an AI.

Bixby Tips, Tricks, and Templates

Roger Kibbe (Senior Evangelist, Viv Labs)

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM – Session #441

Are you a developer or designer who works with Bixby or wants to learn more about Bixby? Come learn how to use Bixby features like Templates for both simple and complex development. What Bixby features make a voice experience go from good to great? We will explore how to take advantage of Bixby's personalization, location and geography, natural language, sharing/social capabilities and more. Come learn how to fully leverage the platform capabilities!

Bixby Views: Building for Phone, TV, Appliances, Watches & More

Jonathan Pan (Evangelist, Viv Labs)

2:55 PM - 3:25 PM – Session #451

With just three additional lines of code, developers can build immersive and responsive views for TVs, Fridges, and Watches. This session demonstrates how powerful and easy it is to build views for Bixby’s entire ecosystem.

Bixby Marketplace and Natural Language Categories

Jennifer Arnold (Head of Partner Engineering, Viv Labs)

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM – Session #461

Samsung recently launched the Bixby Marketplace, a reimagined voice app store where developers can publish services and users can seamlessly discover these services using natural language. In addition, Samsung launched Natural Language Categories designed to create a personalized assistant experience with direct access to 3rd party services. This session will show you how to maximize both.

Voice + Gaming

PANEL: The State of Voice-First Gaming

Moderated by Sarah Andrew Wilson (Chief Content Officer, Matchbox.io); Gal Shenar (Founder, Stoked Skills); Jess Thornhill (Product Manager, Volley); Jon Myers (CEO, Earplay)

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM – Session #446

Gaming is a big opportunity in the voice-first era. Hear industry experts from Earplay, Matchbox.io, Stoked Skills, and Volley share strategies, design insights, and visions for the future.

Voice's Intersection with Modern Video Games

Adrian Simple (Editor, The Gaming Observer)

2:55 PM - 3:25 PM – Session #456

How has voice technology influenced the mainstream gaming industry, and where will it thrive? There are a number of voice-first gaming projects, but none have caught widespread attention. Similarly, several game developers have attempted a consumer-driven voice experience to little success. Adrian Simple has reported on video games every single day for over a year, and in this session he explores what needs to be done to close the gap between two thriving industries.

How to Create Great Gaming Content

Dyung Ngo (Five Fifteen)

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Learning a new technology is extremely challenging; especially a new category as Voice AI. Dyung Ngo will share his story as a self-taught developer who overcame challenges to build a fresh new voice game, and then becoming a finalist in the Samsung Bixby DevJam. He’ll also share his experience on joining the Bixby Premier Developer Program and why you should too.

Bixby Partner Sessions

Bixby Premier Developers Panel

Moderator: David Gene Oh (Senior Director for Bixby, Samsung)

Panel: Steven Arkonovich (Developer, Big Sky); Rachel Batish (VP Product, Audioburst); Mark Tucker (Senior Architech, Soar.com)

1:45 PM - 2:15 PM – Session #437

The Samsung Bixby Premier Developer program recognizes the best developers in voice AI. Come join us for a fireside chat with Audioburst’s Rachel Batish, Big Sky’s Steven Arkonovich, and Soar.com’s Mark Tucker to discuss the benefits of joining the program.

How Voice Is Revolutionizing Home Cooking

Kevin Yu (CEO & Founder, SideChef)

2:55 PM – 4:00 PM – Session #457

Hands-free recipe guidance is one of the most practical ways consumers can interact with their voice assistant. In this session, SideChef CEO/Founder Kevin Yu will walk you through the impact voice assistants are having on the home cooking journey, and how SideChef’s 16,000 recipes made the transition to voice. He’ll discuss the revolutionary model that provides value to partners across industries, and how cooking with Bixby is the ticket to consistent usage of the voice assistant.

PANEL: Open Voice: Giving Voice to Mobile Apps and Websites

Moderator: Bradley Metrock

Panelists: Mike Tatum (CEO, Spokestack); Jess Thornhill (Product Manager, Volley)

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM – Session #471, MAIN STAGE

See you there

If you're just starting out, hungry for advanced tips, or just wondering how you can plug into the Bixby ecosystem, get your ticket for Project Voice now, prepare to make some new connections, and brace yourself to learn more than you ever thought possible!


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