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The Bixby Premier Developer Program has entered its second year and we're inviting experienced voice developers to join us for another exciting year, as we've made huge improvements to the Bixby AI platform. Here's what we look for in potential BPDP members:

Passionate about Voice and AI
Looking to join the Samsung Ecosystem
An early-adopter of the latest technology
Ready to join a community of innovative, inspired, and ambitious developers

Once you're accepted into the program, you'll receive white-glove technical support throughout the development and submission process, along with access to an invite-only Slack channel to get even quicker support on questions large or small.

The benefits don't stop after your first capsule is submitted. We know how important quality and testing are, so we'll provide you with a Samsung test device. Once published, your capsules will receive premium store placement and marketing support to get more ears on your capsule.

As a member of the program, you'll also get early access to notifications about hackathons, speaking or demoing opportunities at Samsung, and other relevant industry events throughout the year. We believe in voice and want your voice experiences to reach our 120 million Samsung devices.

Currently, the program only supports capsules made for the US Marketplace, but we hope to soon increase to other markets.

Don’t miss out. Join us today.

Check out some of our 2019 BPDP members' experiences:


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