The title makes sense when you have Samsung's new AI assistant Bixby in collaboration with Divante – a top eCommerce agency under one roof to discuss voice commerce.

What is Voice Commerce?

Imagine asking your smartphone, "Hi Bixby, order a <Birthday gift> for my wife/husband." Your smartphone would then provide you with options of gifts that the AI thinks best fit your search criteria and preferences based on your previous search history. Rather than the traditional point-and-click method of selecting products online, the user speaks to a microphone and makes a selection via voice.

Devices can now understand our request and seamlessly execute it: this is how "voice-first" based products enhance our daily experiences. Voice recognition has completely changed the way we interface with machines. In a voice-first world, how will online shopping transactions look like? Are voice commerce and voice payments going to be our new future, and if so, how can your online business stay ahead of the curve? To answer these questions Samsung teamed with Divante – a top eCommerce technology and innovation provider.

Giving a voice to eCommerce

Divante firmly believes that voice is the right way, and the purpose of virtual assistants is to let people do certain things faster and in a more convenient way. In our experience voice and mobile are inseparable multimodal interfaces.

“We found Bixby an ideal Voice Assistant for eCommerce. For that reason, we decided to invest in building an end-to-end eCommerce demo to demonstrate the power of Bixby AI Assistant platform – it covers various use cases integrated with eCommerce-proven Magento backend”
—Tom Karwatka, CEO at Divante

eCommerce integration with Bixby allows you to enhance your brand’s customer journey with voice interactions. Basing on Bixby and other solutions from Samsung we’re able to build a real omnichannel experience (adding IoT, e.g. Family Hub fridge as a touchpoint to customer journey) and help our clients improve conversion, covering the mobile gap (by using mobile payments like Samsung Pay).

Presenting the end-to-end eCommerce Solution

This October 29-30, designers, developers, and technologists meet at Samsung Developers Conference 2019 in San Jose, California, USA. They will bring valuable insight to emerging technologies, including voice commerce, to make the voice-only shopping experience for customers seamless and engaging. Samsung Developers Conference will undoubtedly be an exciting event and meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation from all over the world.

Divante, in collaboration with Upside, a technology agency specializing in voice, will present a few use cases of how we can use a voice assistant in modern eCommerce.

“We collaborated with Divante to deliver the demo for SDC2019. During preparations, we were amazed at how Bixby shortens the customer journey – it can be just 1 step to get the order, for example just say ‘add soya milk to my shopping list’ and that is it! We also see great value in Bixby’s Preference Learning and Highlights that provide the best options to end-users based on past purchases. That is a tremendous opportunity for brands to grow their business.”
—Kate Ryniak, CEO at Upside.

It’s an excellent opportunity to watch the keynote on the mini stage and discuss with their representatives:

  • Sebastian Kozak, eCommerce advisor at Divante;
  • Staszek Świątkiewicz, UX designer at Divante;
  • Kate Ryniak, CEO at Upside;
  • Rafal Cymer, CTO at Upside.

Learn more about SCD 2019, Divante, Upside and, Vue Storefront.


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