Cheers! Salute! Kanpai! Prost!

Let's all raise a glass to—wait, does everyone have a drink?

If you're trying to throw the perfect cocktail party, wouldn't it be nice to have a personal mixologist on call? Or better yet, an AI bartender to pour the drinks for you?

Of course it would, which is why there's a Bixby capsule called – Cocktail Machine available on the Bixby Marketplace. The MyBar capsule is the voice companion of Bar, which allows you to create the perfect cocktails with a DIY robot cocktail machine.

If you don't already have a cocktail machine, you can purchase it at, and once you enable the MyBar capsule in the Bixby Marketplace, all you need to do is say:

"With MyBar make me a screwdriver."
"Ask MyBar to fix me a margarita."
"In MyBar pour me a greyhound."

How does MyBar work?

The robot cocktail machine has room for up to nine bottles, with tubes and pumps connecting the whole setup. Secure your chosen bottles of liquor or mixers within the machine, slip a tube down each one, and assign them to a pump via the custom-made MyBar app. For example, you can assign vodka to pump #1, orange juice to pump #2, etc. Once all the pumps are labeled, the app takes stock of the booze and mixers you have and automatically generates a list of drinks you can make. Just select a drink for it to make and the robot bartender dispenses your cocktail.

"You can spend more time with your guests rather than behind the bar trying to be an outstanding party host." says Juan Pablo Risso, cofounder, and creator of

Samsung SmartThings Developer becomes a Bixby Premier Developer

Juan is a technology innovator who's been helping build Samsung's SmartThings IoT platform, while working on MyBar as a personal hobby project. His passion as a software engineer is finding innovative ways to integrate hardware and software from third party devices and services into frameworks like the SmartThings ecosystem.

Meet Juan Pablo Risso, Bixby Premier Developer and creator of the AI bartending system.

Juan first integrated MyBar with the SmartThings platform to create the ultimate party trick. He believed his invention would be a fun, novel way for partygoers to make their own drinks: tap a button on a tablet and your drink of choice would appear from the cocktail machine like mixological magic.

"To say 'make me a cocktail' instead of manually tapping into an app is the future of AI and voice assistants."

As Juan's skills with his twin hobbies of AI and robotics deepened, he joined the Bixby Premier Developer Program to enhance his app and enrich the user experience. Now, MyBar's users are surprised and fascinated to be able to simply speak their drinks into existence.

Developing for Bixby

Juan shared his thoughts on developing for Bixby.

Q: What do you like most about the Bixby Premier Developer Program?
A: As an early joiner to the program, I feel like a valued developer. I’m thrilled to see my feedback and suggestions implemented, such as the ability to decouple the debug console.

Q: What did you find most helpful/useful in the Bixby Developer Studio?
A: Definitely the new Bixby Templates, which now help speed up capsule development. The debug console was also very helpful. Working with external APIs would be practically impossible without the debug console, especially during authentication failures.

Q: Is Bixby different in any way from the other voice platforms you’ve integrated your app with?
A: Bixby’s key differentiation from other voice platforms is the machine learning algorithms used to simplify natural language understanding and processing. Another striking difference is the model training, which is both accurate and simple to use.

Q: What has been the highlight for you as a Bixby Premier Developer?
A: MyBar was a featured capsule in the Bixby Booth at SDC this year. We were one of a select few capsule developers selected to be showcased. I felt proud to be part of the Bixby Team and demo our capsule to the developer community.

Future of AI and robotics

The age of human-robot coexistence has arrived. Tech companies are developing smart robots for a variety of services such as building homes in the construction industry to AI-assisted surgery in health care. The robotics market is projected to reach a value of $77 billion by 2022, more than double its size in 2017. AI is developing even faster: from $700 billion in 2017 to $1.2 trillion in 2018, and projected to be $3.2 trillion by 2022. If all this is true, how are we going to interact with our new robot friends?

The system in action at SDC19.

Not by tapping at screens. According to Juan, using robotics with voice integration transformed his app to a totally hands-free experience. MyBar is an example of the bridge between robotics, AI, and humans, where a machine controlled by AI programs can perform increasingly complex tasks at the verbal request of a person.

Key takeaway

The integration of robotics, AI, and voice doesn't just bring exciting new opportunities to a range of industries—it empowers anyone whose app needs a killer voice interface to take their user experience to the next level. Juan, already an IoT innovator, knows just how powerful the combination can be. He joined the Bixby Premier Developer Program to give his inspired app and DIY robot cocktail machine the perfect wow factor with astonishing ease and speed. If you have a great voice experience that brings together AI and Robotics, reach out to the team to learn how to join the Bixby Premier Developer Program today!


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