Audio content is proliferating wildly, which makes it difficult to search for and find specific moments. The internet allows people to search for almost anything else—photos, videos, news articles and much more.

A new capsule on the Bixby Marketplace changes the way people archive, search for, and discover audio content. The Audioburst capsule allows users to locate audio news content within radio programs, podcasts, news, and other talk media. Enable it to get up-to-date audio content clips of trending news and topics.

How does Audioburst work?

The Audioburst platform listens to sources such as radio stations, podcasts, and news, indexing millions of minutes of audio in real time. It then transcribes the content for accurate segmentation to make the world's most extensive library of audio about any topic you find interesting while being searchable by content, context, or theme. It also provides timely updates.

All this means that Audioburst allows users to easily engage with and get news from radio and podcasts. Ask it questions about current affairs to find the latest news—things like "What's going on with Wall Street?". Audioburst then gathers sets of the most recent clips through a search engine about Wall Street and business, and tells the users about the topic. These short-form audio snippets, which it calls "bursts," effectively create a playlist that is tailored to your requests.

Once you enable the Audioburst capsule in the Bixby Marketplace, you can say:

"Ask Audioburst what's the latest on the president."
"With Audioburst, play top stories."
"Ask Audioburst what's the latest on Wall Street."

Gal Klein, Bixby Premier Developer and CTO/co-founder of Audioburst, explains how his Tel Aviv-based technology company created a "listening identity" for each user based on their unique listening patterns, interests, and preferences.

"We make it possible to find incredibly specific terms, ideas, and stories within the audio."

According to Gal, Audioburst's mission is to deliver the most interesting news and audio content to users wherever they are, and personalization is the key ingredient.

Using AI to make spoken-word audio content easy to search

2016 was the year when smart homes went mainstream. Now, we're living in a world where your voice can command any smart device from cell phones to watches, washing machines, refrigerators, coffee makers, or even light bulbs.

According to a virtual survey by Edison Research & Triton, at least one podcast has been heard by 51% of Americans aged 12 and up. Nearly a quarter of the US population has listened to a podcast in the last week, while podcast lovers are now listening to an average of seven shows per week. The value of Audioburst is actually the ability to find content by searching for specific topics you want and you don’t have to subscribe to multiple, long-format podcasts. You can now hear quick “bursts” tailored just for you. Since audio can be easily accessed when working out, traveling, driving, eating, and in any number of situations where looking at a screen is difficult or dangerous, eyes-free content is one of the fastest-growing content types on the internet.

AI enables Audioburst to capture trending topics in audio and make them searchable, bringing the listening experience to new heights. Gal is excited about exploring exciting new avenues and expanding their product, while working with the Samsung brand.

"As Samsung is opening up Bixby to all Samsung Galaxy devices and soon to additional Samsung products, we look forward to increasing the reach of the Audioburst experience to many more users."

He goes on to explain the value that the Bixby Premier Developer Program delivers.

Developing for Bixby

Gal believes the Audioburst capsule provides a more user-friendly experience with voice integration, as it enhances the basic functionality of a user searching for content.

When it came to determining the best Bixby View component/layouts for Audioburst, Gal recalls their need to express enough information on the content without overextending the view.

"We serve the best audio answer for the user's intent, which is mostly voice-first."

Throughout the process of designing the capsule, the Audioburst team wanted to keep the UI/UX as clean as possible and focus on the listening functionality. Fortunately, says Gal, the audio player makes the experience gratifyingly seamless and smooth.

Gal's favorite feature might be Bixby Developer Studio's debug console and simulated testing environment, as well as the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) decision flows, which allow the team to see where the model is broken whenever they find a bug. Everyone working on it agrees these features are very unique and helpful compared to developing on other voice platforms.

Overall, says Gal, developing for Bixby and joining the Marketplace has been invaluable to Audioburst, both in terms of audience reach and sheer ease of development. He recommends that any developer looking to build a voice capsule join the Bixby Premier Developer Program as soon as possible.

"By having a direct connection with the Bixby dev and support teams, we were able to both roll out our Bixby capsule very fast as well as ask for unique changes that were needed in order to make our capsule successful."

As a Bixby Premier Developer, Audioburst enjoyed high visibility in conferences and increased access to the development community, including feature placement to demo their capsule at Samsung's Developer Conference (SDC) in 2019.

Key takeaway

With every passing year or even month, the amount of information available as audio continues to grow. Fortunately, the ability of AI to process that audio is also advancing, and developers like Audioburst understand the opportunity this presents to users of voice platforms like Bixby. Meanwhile, Bixby is working hard to keep the experience of developing capsules as easy and intuitive as possible. Developers with innovative audio/AI capsule ideas should consider joining the Bixby Premier Developer Program to streamline their processes, improve their app experience, and reach more users. Contact the team to learn more today!


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