Different users have different needs, whatever the need, Bixby has you covered!

If you dislike mosquitoes, there is now an easy-to-use mosquito repellant on your smartphone. Mosquito Stop is a Bixby capsule that plays repellent sounds to keep those pests away.

Or maybe you want to research and find out cool things about history. Do it with Once Upon a Time in History, a Bixby capsule that helps users learn what happened in the past, such as events on a given date and deaths or births of famous people.

What if you’re trying to maintain peace and harmony by keeping your pets calm and your house quiet? Use Pets Relaxation Sounds, a Bixby capsule for pets with problems falling asleep, staying home alone, restlessness, or anxiety.

Bixby has a solution for you

Enable all three DigiVoice capsules on the Bixby Marketplace to battle bugs, travel back in time, or get your pet to relax finally. In this interview, we meet Daniel Mittendorf, Founder of DigiVoice.io and a Bixby Premier Developer. Daniel spoke to us from Germany, where his company is based and develops innovative voice experiences for companies and brands. "Voice is the new emerging market. Language assistants are changing lives, especially those born in this new generation: Generation V, for voice." Surprisingly, when Daniel was eight years old, all he wanted to know is how to write web pages or use the web to create things to help others. This curiosity and desire to invent led him on the path to becoming a developer.

Meet Daniel Mittendorf, Founder of DigiVoice.io and a Bixby Premier Developer.

Daniel speaks enthusiastically about his client's excitement with the Bixby Marketplace in the US and looks forward to the Bixby Marketplace launch in Germany. Currently, Bixby supports the German language among others.

Since the growth of Generation V, Daniel is finding success in the implementation of voice-first experiences internationally and locally. "Voice offers a unique way of communication, helps get things done faster, and removes tech-barriers for less tech-savvy people."

Daniel believes voice is the next big thing after the PC, internet, and smartphones, so he's become an expert in consulting and developing voice apps and the voice user experience. He joined the Bixby Premier Developer Program (BPDP) to deepen his knowledge of voice platforms. After he learned their advantages, and how to deliver good voice experiences, he has a better understanding of Bixby and the US market.

"I really enjoyed working with Samsung on my first capsules as it helped me as a developer to think differently about how to approach voice. Bixby's natural learning model meant writing a few examples, and the AI did the rest, which was nice for a change."

Daniel praised Bixby's very unique and different approach to AI-based learning saying, "Bixby is different from other voice assistants; the AI-based approach in terms of coding is a huge step forward for voice assistants."

Daniel spoke proudly of how BPDP provided first-class support to make it easy and straightforward to write a capsule. The support team was knowledgeable and helped explain everything as if they were in Germany with him. While Daniel hasn’t been able to port over all of Digivoice's functionalities to Bixby Voice yet, he felt that there were virtually no roadblocks for developing with Bixby. He encourages other developers to be open-minded and leave their comfort zone.

Now is the time to get started and join as a Bixby Premier Developer, especially for smaller agencies and developers around the world. Daniel knows BPDP is very powerful. This will also help developers like him get into other locales and regions all over the world.

"Voice is the thing that connects us! So, download the Bixby Developer Studio and give it a try. Download a sample, read a tutorial. It's easy and fun!"

Daniel is constantly looking for ways to push his brands and other companies to eventually make the world a better place. His success metrics are driven by customer happiness and helping users achieve a specific goal. It's his greatest achievement to be able to do what he loves for a living.

As Daniel continues to create voice experiences, he plans to keep making himself heard. "The voice market is just getting started, and it will grow bigger and better over the next few years."

Key Takeaway

Bixby helps developers think differently about how to approach voice experiences.


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