Oh no, I tried to pry a raisin out of my dog’s mouth, but he swallowed it so fast, and now I'm worried it might be harmful! Can dogs eat raisins, or is it toxic?

At this point, some people would unlock their device, tap the browser, and furiously start searching. They would then scroll through numerous links, filled with advertisements or unrelated content, making the experience even more frustrating. However, there's an easier way. Simply enable the Doctor Pooch capsule from the Bixby Marketplace.

Now you are all set! Say, "Hi Bixby, ask Doctor Pooch, can dogs eat raisins?" Instantly get a YES or NO followed by a well-researched response citing the source of information from Doctor Pooch and quickly learn if the new food is safe or not.

Who is Doctor Pooch?

Doctor Pooch is a Samsung Bixby Capsule for dog owners and caretakers to find out if their canine companion can have certain foods or drinks. In this interview, we get the opportunity to meet Bixby Premier Developer Piyush Hari, an MIT Alumni and Founder/CEO of Dilli Labs, a technology consulting firm which stands for Do It with Love and Love It. His desire to invent started as a child, and now Piyush has earned the title of Go-to Guy for pet owners, caregivers, and pet lovers. “I'm always looking for how technology meets human needs.” The inspiration is none other than his chihuahua that he says isn't a dog, but rather a 6-pound wolf with human traits. In our conversation with Piyush Hari, we were able to see through the eyes of partners developing for Bixby and understand why developers should join the Bixby Marketplace.

"It's a growing market of target users with no learning curve on how to use it."

Surprisingly, Doctor Pooch was Piyush's first app that has turned into a voice experience. His journey as a Bixby Premier Developer started when he submitted Doctor Pooch in a hackathon in 2018, and Samsung liked it. Piyush shared his vision of Bixby in the future, “Bixby is everywhere. Samsung's global market is growing, and I want to be a part of that growth. With Bixby Premier Developer Program, I hope to create a relationship with Samsung to reach more users.”

Meet Bixby Premier Developer Piyush Hari, an MIT Alumni and Founder/CEO of Dilli Labs.

Piyush feels that his product and others do better with voice integration, just like high-speed internet has been a boom to products previously. Now voice assistants will too. “It's a growing market of target users with no learning curve on how to use it.” Dilli Labs’ voice strategy is simple: create an engaging, user-friendly voice experience. Bixby marketplace helps him accomplish this goal. Piyush has great things to say about Bixby's support model for Bixby Premier Developer Program (BPDP) and feels it outshines the competitors. Bixby continues to be innovative so that developers can be creative and forward-thinking. This is why Piyush joined BPDP. It’s a very streamlined experience creating a Bixby capsule: develop, test, and deploy all within the Bixby Developer Studio.

“I created a capsule much faster than other platforms. Bixby is unique: less coding and more modeling.”

Piyush has plenty of advice for developers out there. “Stay excited, keep competing, and creating interesting products. Attend hackathons to learn winning strategies. Once you invent it and see the first user, it's the most gratifying feeling!”

He is already working hard to expand Doctor Pooch and developing more capsules like "Voicity", which connects city residents to city services (tagline: giving voice to your city). Another is "Dilli Forms," which pre-fills users documents for swift distribution on command.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Piyush Hari as much as we did. Stay tuned to learn more about him and his journey as a Bixby Premier Developer. Doctor Pooch has reached over 200,000 users since its creation in 2017 and seeks to reach even more users from Bixby.

Key takeaway

With little to no learning curve and the ability to create a voice experience much faster, Bixby outshines the competition! Join the Premier Developer Program today.


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