Where's my left shoe? Did I lock myself out of the house again? I'm running late and won't have time to get my much-needed morning coffee. Well, here's to another unrestful day. I wish there was a more natural way to focus during the day and to help me sleep at night.

Did you know Sleep Sounds is now on Bixby? Yes, your favorite peaceful noises have made its way to the Bixby Marketplace, and the reviewers could not be happier!

The Bixby Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for users to browse and add a wide range of services (known as capsules), such as Sleep Sounds: a Samsung Bixby Capsule to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, relax, meditate, focus, or drown out distracting noises. Users can choose from a selection of 48 sounds ranging from ocean waves, rain on a window, or wind chimes, to even more obscure sounds like a hair-dryer.

Simply enable the Sleep Sounds capsule from the Bixby Marketplace. Now you're all set to relax and listen to peaceful noises with Bixby! Oh, and every track is on a one-hour loop.

Who came up with this brilliant idea?

Sleep Sounds is the creation of Nick Schwab, Founder of Invoked Apps LLC., who’s an Alexa Champion and now a Bixby Premier Developer. In this interview, we learn more about Nick's capsule, company, and his road to success.

Meet Bixby Premier Developer Nick Schwab, Founder of Invoked Apps LLC.

From an early age, Nick was compelled to build software and went on to become a back-end system web-developer. He saw an opportunity to transition into voice apps when companies opened their voice platforms to developers. He knew he could create an exhilarating voice experience that didn't require him to develop a front-end, and Invoked Apps LLC was born. His inspiration, and what led him to become a top contributor in the developer community, started when a neighbor's barking dog kept him up countless nights. Frustrated, he created his first ambient sound to block out the noise, and it worked!

"I solved a problem for me and others by creating a voice app for Sleep and relaxation. I tweaked it and soon enough started seeing organic traffic. I decided to dive deeper into developing different sounds."

Interestingly, Invoked Apps is a thoughtful play on the concept of Voice Apps since a user must invoke a voice app to use it. Now an expert in the field of sleep sounds, he is dedicated to creating an exceptional voice experience and is excited to enable his product with voice technology. "Voice is vital to the latest trends in technology. People can interact and control their devices most naturally and intuitively with one simple voice command."

As a Bixby Premier Developer, it's an excellent opportunity to be involved with our new platform early. There is great power in being first. As Samsung aims to have all its devices equipped with Bixby, Nick saw the tremendous value to reach more users. His desire is to be on every available Samsung device: "Samsung is uniquely positioned to be a major player. Developers who realize this early and join the Bixby Marketplace will have a competitive advantage."

Nick also spoke highly of the Bixby Premier Developer Program and shared how building for Samsung is very different from other platforms. “The terminology and concepts are different from other voice platforms. Once you understand, it's not so complicated and saves more time. In other words, three hundred lines of code on another platform would only take one hundred lines on Bixby.” Bixby's development tools are powerful. Bixby Developer Studio contains all a developer needs to create a capsule. It is model-driven, meaning you spend less time coding and more time defining and designing what Bixby needs to complete your users’ requests. Having a single platform that contains all the tools you need is game-changing.

"Bixby is making a huge effort to excite third-party developers by supporting us, hearing our feedback, and making improvements."

With the success of Sleep Sounds, Nick’s formula to measure success is two key metrics. "Adoption and retention rates are the best indicators of a voice app that people love to use. After reaching monthly user retention of 15-20%, you can confidently monetize the content."

Nick is excited to partner with Samsung, who will be a leader in the push for voice experiences to be an everyday thing. His advice for developers is to create something that you find useful, be active in the developer community, and take advantage of the many forums and sites available. A couple of those great resources to get your questions answered by peers and our own developers is the Bixby Developer Center and Stackoverflow!

Today, Sleep Sounds by Invoked Apps LLC serves about 2 million monthly users across voice platforms, and as a Bixby Premier Developer, Nick plans on making a lot more "noise" with his ambient sound capsule.

Key takeaway

Problem-solving strategies, not complicated to develop with, first-class support, great adoption rates, and great retention rates. With all, a developer needs to create an exhilarating voice experience, get involved early and join the Bixby Premier Developer Program today.


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