Have you ever been to a beautiful neighborhood and wondered how much the homes are worth? Whether buying or selling a home, knowing its property value is essential to making a choice.

In today's market, we can get the approximate value of a home without calling a real estate agent, although we’ll need one later to fine-tune the valuation. Now, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, real estate has found a voice to revolutionize the home buying experience. Voice experiences give users a streamlined way to find homes that meet their needs and fit their budget.

A Bixby capsule called My Home Value allows users to ask "My Home Value, what is the value of 123 Main Street?" or “Ask My Home Value, how much is my home worth?" and the capsule returns the property value in return!

Who is Voiceter Pro?

We sat down to chat with the Voiceter Pro team, Miguel Berger, Amitai Berger, and Salvatore Prividera. They are the real estate industry's leading developer of voice applications and continue to envision new ways to use voice and expand their horizons.

Meet the Voiceter Pro team, Miguel Berger, Amitai Berger, and Salvatore Prividera.

Miguel, a real estate broker of 34 years, explains how the company name is a play on the idiom 'the world is your oyster,' switching the word oyster to Voiceter. Their clever motto is "The world is your Voiceter!" Voiceter Pro has developed a knack for helping business professionals understand what is possible with today's voice-driven, artificial intelligence (AI) assisted searches, information delivery, and brand engagement in real estate.

"We firmly believe that every company should have a voice strategy in less than five years as their target audience will come to expect it."

Miguel credits his son Amitai, a software developer, for first introducing him to the concept of voice assistants. The Bixby Home Value capsule helps agents, home buyers, curious minds, and brokers better predict the future or find the value of a home in a specific market.

Salvatore, Voiceter Pro’s Chief Operating Officer, believes the ability to collect, analyze, and learn from data is essential. Agents are becoming more efficient and effective, brokers more strategic, and clients ultimately self-empowered.

Developing for Bixby is not their only achievement to date. The National Association of Realtors has rules on how to display real estate listing data that must be followed by its 1.3 million members. In 2017, Voiceter Pro pushed to change the rules to ensure voice search was included. Now voice can be used to search for real estate by residential brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors, and others in the real estate industry. In short, Voiceter Pro developed the real estate voice playbook.

So, how did their journey as a Bixby Premier Developer start?

When Bixby launched, Voiceter Pro started researching ways to integrate their backend system with Bixby. Within a few months, Samsung reached out to them to join the Bixby Premier Developer Program.

"We saw a great opportunity to be involved with Bixby from the early stages. As a voice developer, our goal is to be on every single platform, so we are not left behind. We strive to stay current on new technologies and find ways to be integrated."

Along the journey, they learned about integrating their current workflow into a mobile environment. The creative minds of Voiceter Pro believe it is cool to be a part of Bixby from the ground up. They excitedly look forward to building more capsules and deepening their relationship with Bixby.

Another capsule they have in development will allow agents to have voice access to their business information. Agents will have the ability to manage listings, monitor client messages, provide market values, and get an overview of the market.

As Voiceter continues to delve deeper into the AI revolution with properties, they have already made a home in voice-driven real estate. The company tagline is 'Where Conversations Start' and they are keeping this voice conversation going, leaving lots of users smiling!

Key Takeaway

Get involved with Bixby from the early stages, be on every platform, stay current on new technologies, and don’t get left behind. Are you a curious and proven developer? Join the Bixby Premier Developer Program and start your conversation with us today.


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