Voice Summit, July 22nd – 25th, 2019

VOICE Summit 2019 will convene more than 5,000 developers, designers, C-level executives, leading brands and agencies that are reimagining how society interacts with technology through voice.

Samsung is going to Voice Summit this year, for the first time. Next week the Samsung Bixby team will be hosting a hands-on coding session and seminars on how to develop for Bixby. Check out Keynote by: Adam Cheyer, vice president of engineering; and the developer relations team, Jennifer Arnold, Roger Kibbe, John Alioto and David Gene Oh.

We will be raffling some awesome Samsung product at our booth (#504). Come experience the magic of Bixby and join us for this event.

Key Dates and Times:

Monday, July 22nd

8am-6pm: Bixby Hackathon @VoiceHack at the Convention Center

Tuesday, July 23rd

9:30am-10am: Adam Cheyer Keynote about Bixby
11am-7pm: Check out our Bixby Booth #504
11:30am: Magic with Rory Wheeler
5pm: Samsung Prize Giveaway
5pm-8pm: Bixby VIP Reception with VP BD Viktor Kim, Viv CEO Larry Heck

Wednesday, July 24rd

11am-7pm: Check out our Bixby Booth #504
12:45pm: Magic with Rory Wheeler
5pm: Samsung Prize Giveaway
2pm-12:30pm: Voicebot Interview with Adam Cheyer
1pm-1:45pm: Powered by Bixby with John Alioto and Jennifer Arnold
2pm-2:45pm: Bixby for Voice Developers with Roger Kibbe
6pm-8pm: Voice Awards Dinner; Adam Cheyer presenting Bixby Developer Sessions winning team

Thursday, July 25th

11am-2pm: Check out our Bixby Booth #504
1:30pm: Samsung Prize Giveaway

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
The Bixby Team


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