Publish a Bixby Capsule and Earn $300 Samsung Store Credit. Compete for $125,000 in cash and prizes!

DevJam Webinars

Thank you to all who atteneded our webinar series with Evangelists Roger Kibbe and Jonathan Pan. And a special thanks to all who participated and helped make our first Bixby DevJam a success. See our past webinars as they will be a great reference for all DevJammers and developers alike.

Webinar #1:

Thurs. Oct. 24th | Bixby DevJam 2019: Getting Started

Webinar #2:

Fri. Nov. 1st | Bixby DevJam 2019: Templates

Webinar #3:

Fri. Nov. 8th | Bixby DevJam 2019: Tips & Tricks on Capsule Approvals

Webinar #4:

Fri. Nov. 15th | Bixby DevJam 2019: Tips for Creating a Winning Capsule

Webinar #5:

Fri. Nov. 21st | Bixby DevJam 2019: Tips and Tricks for Bixby Views

Webinar #6:

Fri. Nov. 26th | Bixby DevJam 2019: Q&A Session 1

Webinar #7:

Fri. Dec. 3rd | Bixby DevJam 2019: Q&A Session 2

Samsung is hosting the Bixby DevJam Developer Showcase. The first 250 capsules to be approved and published onto the Bixby Marketplace will receive $300 US Samsung Store credit. All capsules published to the Marketplace before the deadline will qualify to win additional cash prizes. In addition, contestants have a chance to have Adam Cheyer (cofounder of Siri,, and the new Bixby) be a mentor to the winning team’s company.

Be part of the voice revolution

Samsung will support over 500 million devices by 2020, and developers have a unique early mover advantage to share their voice experiences on our vast ecosystem of devices. Publish a capsule and receive $300 to spend on Samsung products. Our mission is to get Samsung devices into the hands of as many developers as possible and tell us how Bixby should be incorporated into our hardware.

All developers that sign up and publish a capsule onto Marketplace between October 18th, 2019 - December 9th, 2019 are automatically entered to compete for:

  • $10,000 Grand Prize for best overall capsule
  • Two finalists will win $5,000 each
  • Five runner ups will receive $1,000
  • Twenty Store Section winners will win $1,000

The development team that wins the Grand Prize, will have the opportunity to have Adam Cheyer as a mentor for their company.

How to participate

Sign up at, then download the Bixby Developer Studio to get started. Develop and publish a new Bixby Capsule into the Bixby Marketplace by December 9, 2019. Once you finish developing your capsule(s), check out the Bixby Approval Checklist to make sure you meet all the criteria. The first 250 that have their capsule published onto the Marketplace will receive $300 store credit to the store.

All developers who submit a capsule get automatically entered into winning cash prizes for the Bixby DevJam Developer Showcase.

How to win

After your capsule is submitted and approved for the Marketplace you now have a chance to be entered into the Bixby DevJam Developer Showcase.

Technical Innovation
How technically advanced is your Capsule? Does your Capsule highlight the features of the Bixby platform, and set it apart from other Voice AI products?

Is your Capsule radically new or a creative breakthrough within Voice AI? Or is your capsule similar to other Voice AI products and pre-existing solutions?

Does your Capsule work consistently? Does your Capsule present well?

Does your Capsule have a great user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)? How well designed is your Capsule? How did you incorporate Bixby Views? Is it easy to use or does it require a lot of training to master?


Samsung Credit:
To qualify for $300 Samsung store credit, your capsule must be submitted and approved for the Bixby Marketplace by December 9, 2019. We have the right to disqualify any submission. In order to win the $300 Samsung store credit, you must adhere to the following:

  1. You must comply with our Standard Capsule Agreement. Please read and understand before entering.
  2. Each capsule must be unique and of quality. Modified Sample Capsules will not qualify for the competition.
  3. Be one of the first 250 to get your approved capsule released to the Marketplace.
  4. Limit of 4 capsules per developer will qualify for the $300 Samsung store credit (totaling $1,200). However, developers can publish unlimited capsules to qualify for cash prizes.

Cash Prizes:
Each capsule submitted and approved for the Marketplace before December 9, 2019 will be automatically entered to win the cash prizes. After the competition ends, all capsules will be judged and the Grand Prize winner, runner ups and best of each category will be chosen. Attend webinars to get criteria on how to develop a capsule. Each capsule is only eligible for one cash prize; example the Grand prize or runner ups will not qualify for the best in each category.

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Please check out to get more details about Bixby DevJam Developer Showcase 2019. Developers that publish early have an advantage to make updates before the final judging for the cash prizes. Make sure to watch our weekly webinars to get insights into review criteria and answer your questions live!

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