The speakers are coming! The speakers are coming!

Samsung’s Bixby is an AI assistant available on 120 million devices. At SDC 2019 we demoed our Galaxy Home Mini Speaker which will be a great way to distribute YOUR podcast.

Let's make it easy

The Bixby Marketplace gives Samsung device owners the ability to explore and utilize 3rd party capsules (aka voice apps).

We want to bring your podcast to millions of users. If you are chosen as one of the top 300 podcasts, we’ll do all the work for you!

Want to turn your podcast into a capsule yourself? We have a template available in the Bixby Developer Studio to easily transform your RSS feed into a capsule within a few clicks. You’ll then be able to showcase your podcast on the Bixby Marketplace.

Jump on board

We are looking for the best podcasts in the industry and want you to be a part of this exclusive launch. Contact the Bixby Developer Relations team to sign up today at:


EarReality wants to help storytellers find their voice

By now, most everyone has experienced a narrative with branching paths, whether it's a Choose Your Own Adventure book, a video game, or an interactive audio experience from your favorite voice assistant. But as anyone who's ever tried to create one of their own already knows, writing that kind of story is much, much harder than it looks. EarReality hopes to make the process easier. They hope their proprietary content management system (CMS) will soon be a universal platform where creators can quickly build and deploy to interactive voice experiences, like Bixby.
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Ilarna Nche: Building dreams with Bixby

Someday in the not-too-distant future, we'll all be living the Iron Man life, and we'll be giving Ilarna Nche of Adassa Innovations at least partial credit. In every Marvel movie, Tony Stark interacts seamlessly and entirely conversationally with his various AI assistants. "I always say I want to get to that point," Ilarna remarks, "where Tony talks to JARVIS the same way he'd speak to anyone." As the maker of no less than a dozen Bixby Capsules and counting, Ilarna's doing her part to get us there.
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Samsung Bixby: The next frontier for voice technology

Over the course of 2018, Samsung unveiled a variety of developer tools to enable individuals and companies to create voice experiences for Bixby, the company’s voice assistant. In the summer of 2019, Samsung went a step further, releasing an all-new Marketplace designed to facilitate user discovery of these voice experiences on all manner of Samsung devices. Together, these developments herald a new opportunity for developers to get involved with voice technology.
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