The speakers are coming! The speakers are coming!

Samsung’s Bixby is an AI assistant available on 120 million devices. At SDC 2019 we demoed our Galaxy Home Mini Speaker which will be a great way to distribute YOUR podcast.

Let's make it easy

The Bixby Marketplace gives Samsung device owners the ability to explore and utilize 3rd party capsules (aka voice apps).

We want to bring your podcast to millions of users. If you are chosen as one of the top 300 podcasts, we’ll do all the work for you!

Want to turn your podcast into a capsule yourself? We have a template available in the Bixby Developer Studio to easily transform your RSS feed into a capsule within a few clicks. You’ll then be able to showcase your podcast on the Bixby Marketplace.

Jump on board

We are looking for the best podcasts in the industry and want you to be a part of this exclusive launch. Contact the Bixby Developer Relations team to sign up today at:


Bixby Developers Chat with Roger Kibbe

Are you a voice developer or designer? Are you excited about the future of voice? Are you curious about an ambient computing future where our TV's, appliances, watches, phones, and more can talk with you to create new experiences? Join us on the Bixby Developers Chat to learn about Bixby and conversational AI. Join host Roger Kibbe as he talks with guests about voice, AI, Bixby, technology innovation and where the exciting Voice industry is going.
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Bixby's a breeze for Sonnar Interactive

Jarek Beksa and his team set their sights on new and ambitious projects for underserved markets. With Bixby being part of the plan, Jarek and the team were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make the jump.
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Introducing Training V2: A new and improved way to train your Bixby Capsules

Bixby Studio received a huge update which enhances a developer's NL Training experience. This video introduces Training V2 and demonstrates the differences between Training V1 and Training V2.
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