Honk!" Honk! Honk! Honk! Then yells a man, "Why'd you hit my bumper?!" The sounds of gridlock in a busy city and you're in the middle of it battling traffic driving into the office. At your desk is a huge stack of work.

Take a moment on those very stressful days to recharge your soul, lift your spirits, and enjoy the little moments of peace. Add one of the Healing FM capsules on the Bixby Marketplace for healing, nature, and rain sounds. Once added, the capsules can easily be activated:

"Hi Bixby, ask Healing Sounds to help me sleep."
"Hi Bixby, in Nature Sounds play thunderstorm."
"Hi Bixby, with Rain Sounds relax me."

The Healing Sounds capsule features a music loop for 60 minutes to help you relax, meditate, and sleep. Nature Sounds capsule has different sounds like a thunderstorm, fireplace, sea, wind, and forest. The Rain Sound capsule plays a delightful rainstorm. These two capsules also feature a high quality one-hour audio loop.

Our conversation with Adrian Risch, who created the therapy-to-our-ear capsules, gives us insight on his journey to becoming a sound healing pioneer and Bixby Premier Developer.

Where did Healing FM originate?

While living in his home in Melbourne, Australia, Adrian took a personal journey that led him to sound healing. Sound healing is the use of sounds through technology to encourage well-being in the human system. To improve his health, he quit smoking and drinking and was trying to cope with his lifestyle changes.

Premier Developer Adrian Risch created a capsule for sleep, study, and meditation.

After learning that soothing sounds have long been used for calming and meditation, he became interested in building an app that brought a selection of well-curated, relaxing sounds together for users. Adrian became a voice-first app developer, taking advantage of the technology and innovation in the voice assistant space.

Adrian knows that a personal voice assistant is a pleasant convenience. But to the millions of people with anxiety, stress, or depression, this technology means much more: it means relief.

Why voice strategy?

Adrian believes there are endless opportunities in the future of voice technologies. He knows how it's taking off among consumers who are smitten with their voice assistant devices for mobile and home.

"Voice is changing how people search for and find brands to interact with, which is driving businesses to develop a voice search strategy."

Accolades Adrian received as a developer includes winning the Actions on Google Developer Challenge and creating one of the top-rated Alexa Skills with over 3,000 reviews. After achieving success in ambient sounds, Adrian learned about Bixby and that Samsung was planning a voice assistant. He was very interested in what Bixby had to offer because of Samsung's huge presence in consumer electronics. He decided to reach out and soon applied to the Bixby Premier Developer Program.

Developing for Bixby

Adrian talks us through the highlights of designing his capsule and what he thought about the experience overall.

Which technical documents did you find the most helpful when building your capsules?
While there were many, we relied heavily on these three:

Also, before submission to the marketplace, we checked the 'Preparing for Release,' which is essential for developers to read.

What are the first steps you took to design your capsules?
First, the tech docs were invaluable. We downloaded and studied the sample capsule code. These are useful starting points for all capsule developers. As our capsules required integration with audio, we paid particular attention to the audio capabilities, API's, and supported sound formats.

Along the way, the Bixby team shared insights and support, such as recommending images and changing the flow to improve the user experience. Given the 'new-ness' of the platform, this feedback was crucial to have the optimal voice experience.

Is your capsule using the video player available in Bixby Views or any of the available library capsules?
Our capsules are using the Audio Player feature and image libraries. Having access to URLs for audio and image assets was a requirement, and we found them extremely useful. We look forward to adding video support in the future.

Did you use the Bixby Developer Studio’s debug console?
The debug console and Bixby Developer Studio testing environment is excellent in helping to debug. Error messages are clear and point directly to an area that needs addressing, which removes the guess-work and speeds the time-to-market.

What is a key technical difference between Bixby and other voice platforms?
The major difference is in the way a user interacts with a capsule. On Bixby, users activate the capsule directly before it is accessible. This gives the user total command over what service answers their queries. Whereas on other platforms, apps can be invoked directly without activation. Or the platform chooses an app based on factors such as word-matching or the highest rating.

Developers in untapped markets

Sound healing is now used in technology to help people relax and improve overall well-being all over the globe. Voice-based interfaces have become commonplace (homes, hospitals, etc.). This is why developers should explore the benefits of discovering an untapped niche market that need hands-free voice experiences.

Key takeaway

Sometimes the best business ideas come from a personal need. Adrian's passion for innovative solutions led him to create Healing FM. Developers who have an idea which makes life simpler, more enjoyable, or interesting — even in small ways should explore a voice experience.

If you are interested in developing a capsule, reach out to the Bixby Developer Relations team team to learn more about the Bixby Marketplace and how you too can join the Bixby Developer Program today!


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